April 21, 2017
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With spring and summer around the corner, but the air still cool and dry, you may be looking for something to help protect and repair your skin (along with sunscreen of course) that is soothing to dry winter skin.  For that you need antioxidants.  At 7 months pregnant with baby #3, my skin care regimen has been minimized as many of my go-to products aren’t recommended during pregnancy.  The one thing that is safe and essential?  My C E Ferulic by SkinCeuticals. 

The skin benefits of vitamin C are well known and include neutralizing the environmental free radicals that trigger wrinkling, brown spots, and other aging.  Vitamin C also helps smooth and brighten skin, fades brown spots, and treats fine lines by stimulating collagen.  Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it repairs DNA damage preventing aging and skin cancer.  For me, it evens out my complexion, pores, and rosacea-redness, making me feel more confident about facing my day with minimal makeup.  When I do wear makeup, it acts as a smoothing primer for flawless foundation application.  Since it also contains Vitamin E, it is moisturizing for those with dry, sensitive skin (which includes pretty much everyone in New England this time of year).

However, Vitamin C products are not created equal.  They can be rapidly inactivated by light and therefore it is not enough to simply have Vitamin C as an ingredient.  Rather, they must be a high quality, photostable product and C E Ferulic is an antioxidant formula with the most powerful antioxidants available.  15% L-Ascorbic acid is its active, photostable form of Vitamin C that does the aforementioned free radical neutralization which encourages collagen formation and repairs DNA damage.  Alpha Tocopherol is an active form of Vitamin E that is another antioxidant that also soothes and heals dry, damaged skin.  Ferulic Acid is a plant-based antioxidant that also neutralizes free radicals and inhibits melanogenesis (pigment production) caused by the sun thereby preventing brown spots.

After cleansing, you should apply 4 or 5 drops all over your face and neck in the morning.  It does smell a little like coffee but this scent goes away quickly.  Follow with a sunscreen and then makeup if desired.  Enjoy your brighter, more radiant skin!